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One-Way Satellite Internet

A one-way satellite internet system uses a network of satellites to send packets of information (the satellite signal) to your computer, but uses an alternative means of communication for the return path. Examples of these alternative connectivity paths includes phone lines, cat-v cable and wireless communication. Two-way satellite internet services, like one-way satellite systems, send signals to your computer, but also broadcast FROM your computer back to the network via satellite (NOT using an alternative connectivity path). HughesNet Satellite Internet is a two-way satellite internet network. The thirteeen HughesNet satellites used for serving customers worldwide are in constant orbit about 23,000 miles above the earth.

Right now you can take advantage of rural internet service from HughesNet Satellite Internet at the lowest prices ever! High speed satellite internet from HughesNet starts at low monthly pricing and with the lease option is setup and installed in your home absolutely free. To take advantage of the free installation and no-upfront cost though, you must mention this at the time of calling us. Call now: 1-877-480-7287


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